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Living Into Your Story – Become a Hero on a Mission!

Become a Hero on a Mission!

What’s Your Story? Using the Power of Story to Frame Your Life & Business

part 6 of 5 (Bonus Wrap-Up!)

Living Into Your Story – Become a Hero on a Mission!

Are You Ready for Your New Year’s Resolutions?

Do you do any kind of annual Goal setting?

When I was growing up, setting New Year’s Resolutions (Goals) was part of our family ritual. We sat as a family and listed out our Goals for the year ahead. The final list was taped to our bathroom mirrors so we could see them every day.

Going through this Series was intended to feel somewhat like that, as you hopefully took the time to list your Big Goals and worked through the process to conclude with your Daily and Weekly activities of reviewing them to use the Power of Story to help achieve them. Hopefully, you took the time to work through the process, but if you didn’t, it’s not too late.

Head into 2023 with Positive Momentum

In case you didn’t follow along, here is an outline of the 6 most important ideas from the Series, so you can get set up with a framework for success as you move into the New Year.

1. Create a Positive Narrative for Yourself and Your Future

Seeing yourself as a Hero in a story will allow you to use the Power of Story to help you reach your goals. Read more about this idea here!

2. Open Story Loops for Yourself

If you picture yourself as the Hero that needs to overcome challenges, a Story Loop opens and you’ll unconsciously work to close it with a positive result. Read more about this idea here!

3. Use Cognitive Dissonance to Move Yourself Towards Your Goals

Describing yourself in a fresh and positive way creates Cognitive Dissonance and is the initiator for change in your life. You will unconsciously move towards the future you’ve imagined for yourself as long as you can see the path forward. Creating Waypoints on the way to your Goals helps you keep the Cognitive Dissonance within reach so you move in the positive direction. Read more about this idea here!

4. Reject Fate as a Writer of Your Story

You are not completely at the mercy of Fate. While you can’t control everything that happens to you, it doesn’t mean that you can’t pick up the pen to write the important aspects of your Story. You’ll be amazed to see how much adversity you can overcome when your desired outcome is clear. Make sure to be intentional about writing your Story so Fate doesn’t take over. Read more about this idea here!

5. Begin to Believe that Positive Changes are Possible for You

You can change. Believe that fact because it’s true. Create an Aspirational Identity that you can live into instead of resigning yourself to your current situation. Change isn’t easy, but to start, you must believe change is possible. You can do it, especially if you describe the person you want to be in detail. Read more about this idea here!

6. Build Daily and Weekly Rhythms to Keep Your Story in Front of You

You are what you habitually do. Build the habit of reflecting on your Story and your Story can come true. Starting the day by reflecting on your Big Goals, the path to achieve them, and the nearest Waypoint in front of you will engage your subconscious to drive you in a positive direction. Read more about this idea here!

Final Thoughts

Yesterday, we wrapped up our first edition of our Hero on a Mission Workshop, where our participants had a concentrated time to lay the foundation for their stories. It was an exciting opportunity that we’ll certainly offer again in the Spring.

While all of our participants are doing well in their careers, they all still discovered a bigger and more intentional story than they were living. Seeing them start to envision their brighter future (it was different for each of them!) was an awesome experience and we’ll be excited to share this program with more of you in 2023.

Thanks for following along in our Series and we hope that it helps you use the Power of Story to Grow Your Life and Business!

If you’d like to learn more about the Hero on Mission course you can contact us or subscribe to Business Made Simple to take the self-guided course on your own.

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