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Equipping the Next Generation of Manufacturing Professionals by letting them

Get Their Hands Dirty and Make Stuff

The Problem

Hiring for Manufacturing –
Need a System to Grow our Skills, Team & Business

The Stakes

Without Growing a Mix of
Manufacturing & Business
Skills – Our Potential is Limited

The Project

Build our Intern & ME Program –
Grow Exeptional Manufacturing
Professionals & Engineers

The Payoff

Establishing our Next Gen
Project – We’ll Grow the Skills &
Team to Secure our Future


Our Mission

communication with bowden manufacturing

Daily Production Outcome Reporting

problem solvers at bowden

Weekly Training & Lean Improvements

customer champion

Weekly Customer Champion Updates

Building the Process ARoUnd The Mission


We have a Growth Mindset:
Everyone has capacity for learning and growth.

We are Actively Engaged in our “Routine” Work:
We pay attention to the details and don’t just check boxes.

We are Process-Oriented: Everything we do is part of
a system that we can execute and improve.


Key Daily Outcomes: We establish Key Priorities
& Outcomes each day and evaluate our performance.

Customer Champion Updates: We provide
detailed updates to our customers every week.

Learning & Growing: We eagerly embrace weekly
and monthly training opportunities.

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