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The Story of

Bowden Manufacturing

made in ohio

In 1952 Bowden Manufacturing joined the strong industrial footprINT in Northeast Ohio.

Over the decades both the Team and the technologies have evolved to become what we are today.

Andy McCartney
bowden team group shot

Today, Bowden is a part of the growing and resurgent domestic manufacturing supply base. We’re excited to have a growing Team of dedicated professionals to serve our clients.

Our vision is to consistently provide a level of service and customer relationship that makes it feel like you have your own in-house CNC shop with the expertise and manufacturing horsepower of a larger supplier. We are committed to an exceptional level of communication and transparency throughout the manufacturing process. At the same time, we are developing the Next Generation of Manufacturing Professionals and Design Engineers to lead Bowden, and our community for decades to come. 

Meet The Bowden Manufacturing Team

Meet the experts behind the engineering, machining, and excellent customer support that keeps our shop floor running. Want to join the Bowden Team. Check out our career and internship opportunities. 

I enjoy providing current quantity totals with accurate numbers of product already shipped and listing out what open orders the customer still has.

I enjoy keeping customers informed with the most up to date information about their orders. Especially orders where I have worked on their products specifically.

When you are training or working with someone, the look on their face when something finally clicks and they understand a topic they had been struggling with.

I enjoy being able to take the customer print and give them exactly what they need.

Systems, systems, systems. Quality management is key to keep your internal and external goals and risks in view. From quoting and NPI to addressing post delivery concerns, quality managed systems help keep you and your company moving forward. My excitement is developing and maintaining those systems to stay in conformance to our QMS and propogate growth of our companies together.

Enjoy solving problems that removes roadblocks our customer has. We say what we do, which builds confidence and trust that we are a company/partner they can rely on. As a result, the same customers will keep coming back and hopefully spread the word that Bowden is a team player.

Working with our Engineering Team to analyze Customer needs and opportunities, and then providing an economical and timely solution to fit their specific requirements.

I enjoy helping our customers solve manufacturing problems and remove issues from their desks. The best is when I can truly partner with the customer so that it feels like we are on the same team.

I like to develop systems and use technology to improve the speed, accuracy, and clarity of information we provide our customers.

I love it when our team digs in and solves a challenging problem with one of our customers. It’s always great to hear our customers respond positively to our unexpected level of service, as helping them succeed rolls down to success for our team, too!

A Trusted Manufacturing Partner for 70 Years