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Business Management Training Program

Most Business Management Programs Leave You Disconnected and Underprepared

When you get stuck inside a big company, it is hard to see how business actually gets done. You end up learning only a single aspect of a company, with little understanding of how other departments function.

You’ll experience the typical long road of advancement of large companies with little exposure to top management along the way. You may actually get lost in a sea of faces, with little sense of how your work matters to the overall output of the company. Ultimately your growth will be limited by the structure of the business, less dependent on how you perform in your role.

Bowden Business Management Training Program Provides Valuable Hands-on Training

The Bowden Business Management Program provides valuable hands-on training in a business that is big enough to give you the real-world experience you need but small enough to care about you both as a person and a developing business professional!


Business Management Training Program – 7 Rotations

An important part of any Manufacturing company is coordinating the physical movements of materials into and out of the building.  From raw material Vendors and outside processes to packaging and shipping of finished goods, the paperwork must be accurate and everything must be arrive securely at it’s destination.  This role provides important insight into the degree of coordination needed to build a successful Supply Chain.

Most of our Customers would prefer to do their CNC Machining In-House.  Unfortunately, that takes considerable resources.  Fortunately, Bowden is structured to be the next-best thing to an In-House CNC Shop for our Customers.  Getting that message into the marketplace so we can help companies that desire that level of service is an important aspect of growing Bowden.  In our ever more visual world, video and photography are critical to being recognized by companies that need our products and services.  This role provides important insight into the execution of a Marketing program that works.

Getting the most out of our resources requires considerable planning and execution.  That Team effort in coordinated in Operations and has to be flexible enough to adjust as conditions change.  With significant complexity and tight deadlines, it’s important to build robust plans and to provide clear direction to set the shop floor up for success.  This role provides insight into the leadership and coordination needed for maximizing the throughput of the manufacturing resources.

Having the right tool for the job is extremely important on the shop floor.  Coordinating the tooling and fixturing required to keep over 50 CNC machines operating with dozens being set up each week isn’t an easy job.  The administrative burden and detail required to ensure we strike a balance between tool availability and the amount of inventory required is significant.  This role provides a behind-the-scenes viewpoint of the details required to keep a large group of CNC machines functioning effectively.

Nothing happens in business until some buys something.  It all starts with Sales and flows through into Customer Service throughout the duration of any project.  For our Customers to feel like we’re their In-House CNC Shop requires an extreme level of communication and transparency.  Our genuine desire to help our Customers discover the best way to produce their products, regardless of whether we’re involved, will set them up to optimize their processes.  Partnering with them to that end will help ensure the future of American Manufacturing.  This role provides the opportunity to experience and learn about one of the most critical aspects of any business, Sales and Customer Service.

Even non-finance and non-accounting majors need an understanding of financial reporting and how it can help make business decisions.  From the basics of paying bills and collecting payments, to determining job costs and financial reports, the “back office” functions help everything run smoothly and the business run profitably.  This role provides a hands-on opportunity to execute the financial functions as a foundation for business decision-making.

Sometimes, there is no substitute for direct observation.  While spending a few days or a week with Senior Leadership Team executives isn’t the same as running the business, it certainly provides additional insight into those higher level positions.  Seeing firsthand the degree of responsibility involved and the decision-making processes to lead a Team can be a valuable experience.  This role is less about doing and more about observing, but the lessons learned will provide a valuable data point for anyone aspiring to lead a company in the future.

Don’t Get Stuck In a Program That Doesn't Let You Get Your Hands Dirty

  • Become part of an energized Team in an award-winning culture.
  • Gain wide-ranging experience through a rotational program.
  • See first-hand how business gets done through the very tangible example of manufacturing.
  • Engage with a vibrant group of young professionals, learning business and manufacturing together.


Earn a solid foundation for your future business success in a place where you’ll be an important part of a Team, and where you’ll be able to see the positive impact of your efforts. Be part of a training program designed to provide the skills needed to run your own business one day by having access and shadowing opportunities with Senior Leadership to understand the reality of running a business.

Three Simple Steps to Apply

Step 1

Use the form below to let us know more about you, send us your resume, and upload an optional cover letter.

Step 2

We’ll contact you to schedule a series of in-person and online interviews so that you can see our shop floor and spend time with our team.

Step 3

The final stage of the process involves interviews with our Senior Managers and a review of a potential offer to join our team!

Criteria to Apply

  • 4-Year College Business Degree. Preferred Majors:
    • Supply Chain Management
    • Business Management
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Marketing
    • Sales
    • Business
    • Human Resources
  • Skilled with Microsoft Office Products
  • Growth Mindset


Applicants must be US citizens and reside in Northeastern Ohio

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