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Big Ideas From Business Giants: Andy’s New Blog Series

Have you had influential teachers that have altered the course of your life and business career?  I certainly have, and I’m excited to welcome you to our new blog series titled “Andy’s Notes from Business Folks.”

I’ve been fortunate to train and learn from a variety of folks over the years. From books, courses and in-person training, the opportunity to learn about life and business has been invaluable.  Bits and pieces of their teachings have worked their way into my life.  Many of the lessons have altered the “operating system” for my life, our family, and many of the Teams that I serve.  For this Series, I’ll share teachings from some of my favorite Business Leaders and hopefully, the practical applications that resulted will be helpful to you on your journey.

In each edition, there will be four sections:

  1. Key Idea – An important idea from one of the Business Leaders, how it was presented, and why it resonated with me.
  2. Implementation – How the idea has been translated into meaningful action.
  3. Opportunities to Consider – A few thought-starters to provide practical ways that you can apply the idea to your life and work.
  4. Biography & Resources – Background on the Business Leader and some resources that I’ve experienced or an available offer that might be helpful to you.

I’ll include plenty of names you might recognize and others you may not have heard of yet.  I’m excited to kick this off, and hope that it can be helpful to you as you evolve the “operating system” for your own life, family, and work.

For the first edition, we’ll kick things off with John Wooden, one of the greatest basketball coaches that has ever lived and someone whose example and philosophy on success and life has had a powerful impact on me.