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Business is Like an Airplane Series Introduction: 6 Keys for Your Business to Fly Far & Fast

how to grow your small business

Series Introduction

Are you sometimes concerned that your business systems aren’t robust or professional enough?

Do you struggle to sleep under the weight of knowing your company is so big that a bunch of families are counting on you to keep things going strong?

Running a business isn’t for the faint of heart. Making sure you’ve got solid systems is a huge part of growing a solid foundation for success.

Donald Miller’s latest book, How to Grow Your Small Business, provides a series of proven frameworks that can add predictability and growth to any business. How to Grow Your Small Business uses the analogy of an airplane to illustrate the key aspects of business success. In this series, we’ll work through all 6 parts of the airplane to provide an overview of how you can think about your business.

Once you understand how all 6 parts work together, your confidence will grow along with your business!

How to Grow Your Small Business – The 6 Parts of the Airplane

Part 1: The Cockpit – Leadership
Part 2: The Right Engine – Marketing
Part 3: The Left Engine – Sales
Part 4: The Wings – Products
Part 5: The Body – Overhead
Part 6: The Fuel Tanks – Cash Flow

In the coming weeks, we’ll go in-depth on each part of the airplane so that you understand the opportunity you have to professionalize your business in each one. Running a small business doesn’t have to be such a high-pressure experience once you’ve implemented the proven frameworks and playbooks from How to Grow Your Small Business. You can build the strong foundation you need for your business success.

Final Thoughts – Ready to Fly!

This series is based on How to Grow Your Small Business and there are a variety of ways to learn the material. We’ll walk through the 6 parts of the small business airplane together so you understand how the proven frameworks can help you with your business.

Business Made Simple has an online platform ( that contains video courses in all 6 parts of the airplane, and you can subscribe for just $275/year. In addition, the newest way to go through the material is by joining Small Business Flight School, a new program that takes you on a 6-month journey to double your small business. Small Business Flight School includes 22 video courses with exercises you’ll complete weekly, either by yourself or with your Leadership Team. You can reasonably expect to be able to double the size of your business by the end of those 6 months. It includes a series of live calls with Don and Business Made Simple experts and a community of other business owners that are working to grow their businesses, too. The $2,495 course will easily pay for itself in not only the new business systems you’ll implement and the growth you’ll achieve, but also in the peace of mind you’ll gain by having solid control of your growing business.

Join us for this series and don’t hesitate to check out