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14 Action Steps to Create Your StoryBrand Marketing Message

What Problem Do You Solve for Your Customers?
Let’s face it: in manufacturing, we struggle to set ourselves apart from our competitors. You may believe that your shop isn’t actually very different from others like yours, and that’s part of the problem.


Learn from our experience in developing a simple but effective marketing strategy specifically for manufacturing businesses. 

Nobody wants to hear about what we do until they understand how we can help them; specifically, how we can solve a problem in their world.

This guide is the result of our own successful journey at Bowden Manufacturing so you can apply what worked and avoid the mistakes we made! Throughout this document, we describe 14 Action Steps that will set you up to create your own Storybrand marketing message. Complete each step and fill out the form at the end to achieve effective marketing for your manufacturing

Back in 2018 – completely ineffective across the board. 

Now in 2022 – still working,  but much better than before! 

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