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Practical Business Education for Professional Manufacturers

Manufacturing can be tough. Long hours and stressful job requirements make finding time for outside training difficult. At Bowden Coaching we love Manufacturing and we’re excited to help Manufacturing Professionals grow their careers and their businesses. Whether you’ve got an Engineering or Business degree, we can help take you to the next level.

Everything You Need to Know to Grow Your Manufacturing Business


The Tools

Understand the resources you need to take your business beyond manufacturing.

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The Messaging

Understand the marketing basics you're missing.


The Ladder

Strengthen your manufacturing business and advance your career.

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The Group

Let's work together to reshape the face of American manufacturing.

Business Made Simple Coaching

Get Instant Access to On-Demand Courses and Live Coaching

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Andy McCartney,
CEO Bowden Manufacturing

“I’m passionate about improving manufacturing companies right here in the United States. Most manufacturers understand manufacturing incredibly well but all of us could use a fast and easy way to improve our businesses. Join Business Made Simple and get everything you need to become a competent professional who doesn’t just sound like they understand business — you’ll actually know how a business works and how to grow it.”

I want to help you improve your business and would love to setup a call with you to see how my coaching services could help you do in a year what took me 25 years to figure out.  

Andy with a graduating class of Business Made Simple manufacturers and engineers.

How Does the Business Coaching Program Work?

3 Ways for You to Get Involved

Daily Videos

Daily videos delivered to your inbox from the Business Made Simple program with perspective and application for manufacturers.

Weekly Facilitated Discussions

Weekly discussions with other members of the Coaching Program and facilitated by a manufacturing expert.

Monthly Meetings

Groups that meet once per month, includes full access to the online platform and 2-hour coaching sessions.

Are Your Vendors Limiting Your Success?

Manufacturing Supplier Checklist

Get the free rating tool you need to evaluate your current vendors and see what is possible with a true manufacturing partner.

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