Customer Champion Program

Your Champion Inside Our Building – a Bowden Teammate Assigned to You!

Wonder if your vendors really care about your business?
Begging for status updates?
Searching for straight answers?

The Customer Champion Program at Bowden Manufacturing takes the mystery out of getting your CNC parts.  We may be “just a vendor” to you, but we want you to feel like we’re your own in-house shop.  Why?  Because we know how difficult it can be to coordinate manufacturing projects, even when you’ve got good information, and too many vendors keep their customers in the dark.  You’ll be assigned one of our Teammates to be your Champion and they’ll be watching out for your products every step of the way.  You’ll have the transparency you’d get with an in-house shop and your Champion will make sure you get updates without being prompted.  You’ll get informed of any disruptions and they’ll be monitoring your project from order to delivery.

Personal Connection

Consistent Communication

Invested in Your Success

How Does the Customer Champion Program Work?

  1. Each customer is assigned a Bowden Teammate to be their Customer Champion.
  2. Your Champion is introduced to your Team and given an overview of your products and history.
  3. Your Champion becomes part of the weekly updates you receive from our Team, so they get to be in the know on the progress of your projects.
  4. Your Champion takes ownership of your parts, projects and deadlines so they can both advocate on your behalf with our Production Team and provide consistent updates on our progress.
  5. Your Champion will be your direct point of contact whenever you need the most up-to-date information.

Our Customer Champion Program ensures that your projects are never overlooked and that progress is made each week.  Your Champion will become a familiar face as they connect to your Team via email, phone and in-person, so that the relationship grows and we can better understand and appreciate your challenges.  This added insight provides us the opportunity to deliver the best possible service so you can meet your goals!

Meet Your Champion!